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Projectors : Panasonic Projectors Direct Projector Power Off Technology Definitions

Panasonic Projectors Definition
Direct Projector Power Off

Read more about the cutting-edge Direct Projector Power Off techology that Panasonic has built into some models of it's projectors, setting Panasonic Projectors apart from the rest! These definitions courtesy Panasonic's website.

Direct Projector Power Off
We live in a busy world, running from one projector presentation to another, and often having to take the projector with us. With the Direct Power Off feature, busy presenters donít have to wait for the projector to cool down before turning it off and hitting the road.

A built-in capacitor provides continuous power to cool the internal components, even after the projector has been turned off and put away. This allows you to turn off the main power as soon as the presentation is over. Not only does this provide a quieter environment, it also prevents damage to the bulb from insufficient lamp cooling.

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